III Conference on Diamond Open Access

The latest version of the Summit Programme can be downloaded here:

2nd Global Summit on Diamond Open Access


Two Conferences:

Advancing social justice through curriculum realignment, and

Open Science in the South

Sunday – Monday 8-9 December 2024

Hosted by:

Department of Knowledge and Information Stewardship

Advancing social justice through curriculum realignment: centering scholarly communication in LIS curricula

Monday – Wednesday 9-11 December 2024

Hosted by:


Third edition of Open Science in the South Conference

Pre-conference workshops

Monday – Tuesday 9-10 December 2024

Open publishing workshop Hosted by:

PKP & Redalyc

Open monograph publishing

Hosted by:

Copim Project and Open Book Collective

Conference on Diamond Open Access:

Centering social justice in scholarly communication to advance research as a public good

Wednesday – Friday 11-13 December 2024

Wednesday 11 December 2024

Session 1


Opening session


Prof Linda Tuhiwai Smith

Thursday 12 December 2024

Session 2a

09h00 – 11h00

Social justice advancing inclusivity, decolonization and demarginalization

The session explores the concept of social justice in a movement that seeks to be more inclusive and results in decolonization and demarginalization

Unpacking social justice

Tea break

Session 2b


– 12h10

Open Access is / as a Public Good

Session articulates elements that speak to open access as a public good – how are these identified and rolled-out

Unpacking social justice focusing on public good


Session 3

13h05 – 14h35

Social justice and diamond open access: perspectives from the globe.

Presenters will speak to their case studies which demonstrates addressing barriers by publishing diamond OA

Development of CoPs:

Removal of bias in a diamond OA model

Tea break

Session 4

15h05 – 16h35

Sustainable diamond open access infrastructure advancing social justice?

Session dedicated to discussing the existing infrastructure supporting diamond open access, identifying challenges, and exploring opportunities for sustainable enhancement and expansion

Growing capacity via infrastructure &

Development of CoPs

Friday 13 December 2024

Session 5

09h00 – 10h30

Developing an equitable ecosystem: Hubs of innovative solutions

Session looks at innovations that should be mainstreamed for the advancement of diamond open access

Development of CoPs


Developing equitable practises

Tea break

Session 6a

10h55 – 11h40

Research assessment within a diamond OA framework

The session unpacks the concept of research assessment from different perspectives and its potential to advance diamond

Unpacking Research assessment

Session 6b

11h55 – 13h10

Research assessment within a diamond OA framework

Leading experts in research assessment will share their perspective and case studies on assessment and how it can contribute to advancing diamond

Research assessment and quality assurance for a sustainable model


Session 7

14h00 – 15h00

Developing a broad DOA framework for assessment – group discussions facilitated by experts

Major challenges in research assessment and possible solutions will be discussed in breakaway groups

Unpacking challenges to research assessment

Tea break

Session 8

15h20 to 16h20

Developing a broad DOA framework for assessment

Report backs from breakaway sessions and discussion

Developing common themes for assessment

Session 9

16h20 to 17h30


Closing of Summit